Coffee House Inspiration



What is it about coffee houses and writers? It seems so cliche to think that real-life writers really do spend their real-life time in real-life coffee houses writing real-life books and drinking real-life drinks. It’s almost hard to believe that something that cliche would actually happen in real-life. But it does, because I do it all the time.

Now, I don’t hit up coffee houses every-other day with my laptop and tattered Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book, but I do enjoy getting an iced chai tea and finding a table in the corner of a modest little coffee shop. There’s just something about the smell of roasting beans and sugary snacks and quiet talking that can really appeal to this girl (me, I’m this girl). Surprisingly, I usually enjoy loud, bustling places that don’t give you a chance to think or even hear the thoughts going on in your own head. A nice coffee shop is like a little getaway filled with cute little people with their cute little coffee mugs and their cute little laptops and their cute little hipster glasses. 

Is that just my coffee shop? Oh..

It’s relaxing, pretty much therapeutic for me to take a seat in a coffee house. I don’t even have to be writing (or reading…or pinning…or tweeting–free wifi is a sweetheart) to find all the tension from my body dispersing as I sip at my tea and people watch. I enjoy being alone. I like to just sit and think…and watch, but mainly think. I like thinking.

I prefer to think with a glass of iced chai tea in my hand, though. 

One thought on “Coffee House Inspiration

  1. You know, I’ve never stepped foot in a coffee shop before. I wonder if it actually would help my writing. Usually, my thinking period consists of deep meditation, hot tea, iced water because the form of meditation I practice is an old Native American ritual and can take a lot out of someone, and either death metal or Karunesh. Whatever I feel like listening to at the time. So yeah, I wonder if a change of scenery would benefit me.


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