What I Wear to School


There’s nothing I love more than hearing positive comments about my appearance from my fellow classmates. I’ve heard people say “Mia always dresses nice” and it’s become an almost every-other-day thing for me to hear “Mia, you look really cute today!”. I’m not here to brag…in fact, I have never really considered myself to have exceptional style, but I am here to talk a little bit about what I like to wear to school.

During first period today, a girl in my class walked past me, stopped, turned around and said, “Mia, I just wanted to say that I look forward to seeing what you wear each day to school because you always wear cute outfits!” To me, that is the ultimate compliment, especially since I get up before the sun to make myself look nice. I wear basically whatever I feel. If I feel tall, I wear heels and if I feel official, I’ll include a blazer. Whatever the “feel”, I make sure to represent it in my outfit.

I usually coordinate my outfits the night before, first in my head (planning everything down to my jewelry and specific makeup look) and then laying it all out. This helps to give me an idea of what I’m getting myself into the next day and how early I’ll need to wake up. If I’m not too entirely sure about a particular outfit, I’ll usually try it on first and check it out in the mirror. I want something that looks nice with my body shape, comfortable, but not so comfortable that I might fall asleep in my clothes (sometimes I’ll add a belt to my waistline–not just to accentuate but–to help keep a tight pinch on my stomach so that I don’t get too cozy in my outfit).

My main inspiration comes from seeing other people’s style at my school. Everyone has their own unique style and fashion choices and it’s nice to see what everyone likes wearing and developing my own ideas of what to wear.

What I Wear to School–DON’TS:
These few things are hard to pull off or unexceptional in my opinion.
-Do NOT wear pajamas to school unless it’s for a spirit day: this might seem like an unnecessary tip but you’d be surprised to see how many girls at my school show up in nasty PJ’s.
-Stilettos: this isn’t the set of PLL; the one thing you want to keep comfy-safe are your feet. Low heels mean pain-free campus excursions, minimal chance of falling on your ass, and the lower the heels, the easier they are to walk in. If you’re going to wear heels (of any height), make sure you can walk/stride in them confidently.
-Outfits that aren’t proportional: if you have a muffin top (like me), this is something you should especially take into consideration. Skinny jeans and a tight top just don’t work together. Both pieces of that outfit are meant to hug (and accentuate) your curves but too much hugging isn’t necessarily flattering. Same thing goes for loose pants and a loose top. Imagine gauchos with a loose-fitting blouse. Not a pretty picture, right? You could get the same effect by wearing a trash bag. Instead, try and even out an outfit by wearing plain black leggings and your favorite plaid button-down (they’re coming back, I swear) plus, for cooler months, you can add a cute scarf to pull the outfit together.

What I Wear to School–DO’S:
Some things I have tried and rocked.
-Outfits that make you feel great: the whole point of wearing a fabulous outfit is to make you feel even more fabulous. It is impossible to pull of an outfit if you don’t feel comfortable in it. The same goes for new hair-do’s and makeup looks; try them out at home first if you’re feeling uncomfortable.
-Something BOLD: notice how my all-caps word stood out there? That’s what will happen when you go to school one day rocking a bright red lip or an outfit made up of different shades of green. Making this daring move will make your outfit the center of attention (just make sure to practice that red lip some before actually wearing it–there’s a whole science behind red lips).
-Give it layers: one great thing about fall is that, with the cooler weather, you can begin incorporating different layers of clothes in your outfits. Now, keep in mind, when I say layers I don’t mean your traditional turtle neck with corduroy pants, a knit sweater, and heavy winter jacket that your mom forced you to wear as a little kid (think: that scene from A Christmas Story). We’re talking light-weight jackets, camisoles, socks, scarves, etc. to help add some dimension to your outfit. Plus, if you end up disliking a certain piece of the outfit, you can easily remove it.

The main thing to remember is: this is YOUR style and no one else has the right to criticize what you wear. After all, they’re not the ones that get to wear it.


Picture: allthingsstylish.tumblr.com

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