Creative Writing

Wait…Mia writes?

Why yes, I do write. Below is an excerpt from something I wrote a couple of years ago, although I never completed it. Really, what happened, was I wrote this part out of pure creativeness and failed to create a decent story out of it. I hope you enjoy…

And that’s when I saw the dagger. What had just been an iPhone in his hand had turned into a sharp knife. What. The. Hell.

I stared wide-eye at his left hand as I slowly began to step away from his trembling body. He ascended forward with every step I took backwards and then I made the biggest mistake of all; I looked away from the dagger. His mouth was contorted into a wide grin that reminded me too much of the Joker off of the old Batman comics. What had once been beautiful green eyes were now scary and unknown as I stared into his dilated pupils. He was officially a madman.

I could feel the fear swelling up inside of my lungs, nearly drowning me as I began to walk backwards at a faster pace. His stride followed mine evenly, his feet never missing a beat with mine. I felt a scream crawling up the back of my throat, but for some reason I couldn’t let it loose. I choked numerous times attempting to let my terror be heard but I couldn’t, it was almost impossible.

At that moment, my mind was jumbled with all the variations that he could kill me with that knife. He could slit my throat, which would be a faster death on my part and much less eventful for him. He could also choose to stab me in the heart, resulting in much more pain but only a couple seconds of it. He could decide to put the dagger through my stomach, twisting and turning slowly killing me. There’s also the van Gogh method, which required numerous open wounds and missing organs.

That’s when I decided to run.

Away, that is. 



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