Screw You, Summer Reading

It’s 2:21 am and currently I am enjoying an exciting episode of Supernatural. The Hook Man. The shrill scream of the young girl as she discovers her bloody boyfriend hanging by his feet off of a bridge, a deep gash running along is abdomen sends chills through my body.This doesn’t scare me, though.

So what does scare me?

I turn on all of the lights in my living room and take a seat on my worn-down couch, pulling my feet off the floor and my knees to my chest. I stare at it.

It stares back at me.

It laughs at my stupidity and ignorance.

It calls my name.

I scream in terror and throw my cup of tea at it, hoping that it will go away. “Please go away,” I whimper into my arms and scream, “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

No one has experienced Hell until they have had summer reading.

There’s nothing more than assigned reading assigned summer reading, especially when it’s boring.

I mean, I honestly don’t remember a thing I just read. At all.

And, speaking of, where the hell did my summer go? This summer has seriously gone by a whole lot faster than any summer I can remember.

What’s even worse is the fact that I start school back in less than two weeks.

And I’m not even halfway through my summer reading.

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