Interview with Chris Moyer (Thursday, July 11)

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to have a chance to talk with North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan’s Press Secretary and New Media Director, Chris Moyer. He was a lot younger than I expected but still very insightful about the world of journalism and Senator Hagan’s actions on current issues.

For starters, Chris Moyer is Senator Hagan’s Press Secretary and New Media Director. In this position, he is responsible for many things that directly involve the Senator. He talks to the press for Senator Hagan and has to be aware of what she is working on, he writes her speeches, he sets up interviews and events, helps with her newsletter, and works to publicize her good image. He was the perfect candidate for the interview.

Kay Hagan fully supports bringing jobs back to North Carolina. She wants to keep homeowners in their homes and helped bring the manufacturing grant to Gaston County. There are three grants that have been announced and are working to evolve manufacturing jobs.

The current issue flying around North Carolina’s General Assembly effects women and their rights. Although Senator Hagan isn’t directly associated with state government, she does support women’s rights on a national level. She wants paycheck fairness and supports the Violence Against Women Act. She doesn’t have much of a say in the GA, but her opinion does stand against the haste that is being enforced.

In March, Senator Hagan made it public that she supported gay rights. She opposed Amendment 1 in North Carolina and stated that churches (specifically anti-gay churches) do not have to and should not have to [be made to] marry gays. She has also said that she respects all opinions on the matter.

Kay Hagan also encourages all youth to be powerful. She wants to hear more from the kids of NC and encourages that they speak out on issues that matter to them, whether they oppose or support the issue. She believes that it is just as important to hear the positive as well as the negative.

I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with Chris Moyer and thank him for his time and consideration.


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