Our Last Night

Time at The Washington Journalism and Media Conference has sped by wayyyy too fast! I can’t believe that I just got back from our last day and the gala! I’ve had a blast while here this week and can’t wait to go home and tell everyone all about it (and sleep…I can’t wait to go home and sleep).

We began our day by heading to Capitol Hill to take a couple of photos (we beat the rain!). I then joined the early tour group to explore the Capitol (shout-outs to Christian, Eric, and Jocelyn). I will admit that the Capitol tour was nothing like I remembered it being. We went through, maybe, three or four rooms and were given an overload of information. I still got a lot of good pictures and video, though!


After the tour, I headed off to meet with Senator Kay Hagan’s Media Director and Press Secretary, Chris Moyer. I was able to talk with him (along with three other fellow North Carolinians) for around forty minutes. We talked a lot about events relevant to North Carolina and Senator Hagan’s view on many controversial issues. I hate to have to say this yet again in another blog, but, you will have to wait a while before I post more information about the interview.


We eventually made it back to the dorms to get ready for the gala. I enjoyed being able to talk with my roommates about politics, gay rights, and abortion laws (fortunately we all had the same views) as we did our makeup and hair. The gala itself was amazing! My feet are killing me from all the sweet dance moves I was doing but, I can proudly say, that I still owned the dance floor anyway.


And you know that you’re exhausted and hyped when, at the end of the last dance, your sweaty and smelly self looks at the hottest guy attending WJMC and says straight to his face, “You are so hot.”

More later,


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