Don’t Stop Believing

It still seems like a dream. There is no way I’m already waiting for my flight back home! I’ve only known these wonderful people for five days and it feels like I’ve known them for a lifetime.

Quit crying and be the awesome Fat Amy-like character that everyone enjoys. I am going to miss you so much and hope you have a good drive home.

My twin! I really enjoyed spending this past week with you and all of our “jokes” at the Newseum! You’re a really awesome person and an amazing dancer on the dance floor! ;)

Oh, Elizabeth. You weird, screwed up little girl. You are hilarious and a huge character! If you don’t make it in broadcast journalism, definitely go for acting. You’re perf!

Big J-
You are so full of life and fun to be with! I honestly thought you were kinda creepy when I first met you via Twitter but I’m glad that we’ve gotten to know one another and I am now assured that you are not a creep.


Hannah! Thank you for putting up with me during WJMC. I really loved hanging out with you and playing the nose game with you and everyone else (but you were probably my favorite!). I hope that we can stay in touch and see each other again soon.

This is when I boarded the plane and now I’m at my mom’s house writing.

I still can’t believe that WJMC is over. It all happened so fast and it’s almost like it never happened. I know it wasn’t a dream, though, because I have the friends I made to prove it.

I love you all so very much. Words can’t describe how close I feel to the people that I haven’t even known for a full week. Hopefully I will see some of you again soon, either on vacation, in college, or in our futures in the Wide World of Journalism because I know that you will make it. You will be whoever you want to be.

Don’t Stop Believing


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