Meet Me Halfway

Today was the third full day of the conference, leaving only Thursday and Friday until we all pack our things and head back home. I can’t believe that time has flown by in the way that it has! Although my internal battery is staggering at 10%, I have still found a way to keep my energy level up and enthusiasm brewing (solution: caffeine). We were able to stay on campus today and enjoy group work as well as multiple guest speakers that showed up.

Carol Guzy

We began our morning in a rather depressing, yet inspiring, way. We had a visit from four-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Carol Guzy. She was very emotional when speaking with us today because well, to be frank, her photos are the most heart-wrenching things I have ever seen that will “tear at the very fiber of civilization”. She began by giving a short speech before we dived into a video of her photographs with bipolar background music. About half way through the video (10 minutes), you were able to hear the sound of sniffles coming from throughout the audience. People were moved and torn by her pictures depicting scenes from Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, and so much more. The emotions hit me, not when the video played, but after. The Q&A session was hard for a lot of people because they were still fighting back tears as they spoke into the microphone. I still remember one girl, beginning to ask a question into the microphone, but abruptly stopping when she broke down in tears. Carol rushed across the stage and met the sobbing girl with her arms wrapped tightly around her. Not a single eye was dry.

If that session taught me anything, it had to have been the power of pictures. Pictures can send peoples’ minds delving deep into their emotions and fishing out the memories that they’ve tried so hard to forget. They make the connection. After the connection between the picture and their memory, the rest is history. And so is their makeup.

It could have also been the Sarah McLaughlin playing in the background as well that triggered such tears.

Kevin McCarthy

I had no idea who Kevin McCarthy was until about five minutes before he stepped out onto the stage. Kevin has a really cool job. He writes movie reviews and interviews famous actors and suffers from “nerd tears” (def: when the special effects are just so epic that you have tears running down your face). I’d heard a couple of things about him…mainly that he was just an entertaining presenter. It just so happens that Brian might have left out the fact that Kevin is smokin’ hot. Like woah. Dude walked out on stage in a suit and tie with Chuck Taylors on. Chuck Taylors. It doesn’t get any better than that. Besides all of that, I really enjoyed his charismatic and little-kid appeal on the stage. I’m also sure he didn’t mind it when about 50 girls decided to swarm around him afterwards for pictures. More to come later (video) on Kevin.


Kevin McCarthy stylin’ in his Chucks and suit.


AKA the “Sports Journalism Panel”; I really wasn’t feeling it. I took a couple of notes but tuned out the majority of it and mainly just stared at the hot guy from ESPN.

David Culver

During our individual studies, I was able to go listen to David Culver, a reporter for NBC. He was highly entertaining (and highly fashionable) and he was easy to get along with. I especially enjoyed his recalls of his stand-up stories that he does for his job. I remembered that, as a kid, I was always fascinated  by reporters because they were in the action of the news. It was very informative to hear first-hand what it was like!

I must sigh and say goodnight, for I have a very important meeting in the morning.


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