What is WJMC?

I’ve been getting a lot of friends and family asking the same question–“What is this conference?”. Although I can give them the link to the Washington Journalism and Media Conference‘s website, I’m sure they’d love to hear what it’s all about in my own words.

Step one would be the nomination. This isn’t some summer camp that you can just sign up and go. You have to be nominated and/or chosen from academic excellence and sincere interest in journalism. I received a letter in the mail (to my surprise) inviting me to register to be a part of the conference. Registration is a simple process and after doing so, you’re ready to go!

George Mason University is a highly acclaimed school located just outside of Washington D.C. and hosts WJMC. Two hundred and fifty rising juniors and seniors from all over the country are able to travel to GMU for the conference. You are able to participate in many different hands on and informational activities during the course of the week you spend there. Some of those activities include: moonlit monument tour and time at the national mall, meetings with state representatives, inside tour of the Library of Congress and National Press Museum, and special sessions with Hoda Kotb, Brian Lamb, and Chuck Todd.

Many alumni have described WJMC as a “life-changing” experience and I can only dream that I will experience the same.

More information can be found on the WJMC’s website: http://wjmc.gmu.edu/

Also, check out my Facebook page documenting my fundraising and preparation for the conference: https://www.facebook.com/miatowashington

Hoping you understand now,


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